Swedish utgivningsbevis is still in force

It has been interesting watching the action now being made to claim the rights of the data subject as stipulated in the GDPR. On average there seems to be for the larger businesses around 10 SARs requests, although, to say on average is not correct in that we are only one month into the aftermath of the GDPR 🙂

I was delighted to see Lucas Khan in action, claiming to have his personal data removed from public sources in Sweden which is the product of something called an utgivningsbevis issued in the name of freedom of speech. I wrote loads on this since already, and its great to have some company 🙂

btw. this will be fixed with the e-Privacy Regulation. I’ll dig out the quote later in another post.

Some of the posts:

Personal data is still PUBLIC in Sweden!

Personal data still public and for sale in Sweden!

Sweden is going to have fun with the new Data Protection Regulation

Ratsit is so kind as to remove sensitive data from public eyes

There is more. Just search 🙂

2 Replies to “Swedish utgivningsbevis is still in force”

  1. Right now it’s impossible to have your personal information removed from all these sites managed by shady degenerates that could not make a living in any other way. It’s quite depressing to find out that over 900 have this Utgivningsbevis, and hiding behind the loophole in the constitution. Who really knows how many sites there are out there?
    There’s no site or blog that have a complete list of all these digital degenerates continuing using your personal information for profit, so that it would make it easier to remove yourself completely.
    Even the Swedish Tax Office own a company called SPAR, that is selling your personal information to third parties.
    This country is by nature weirdly naive and stupid, but also semi communist, and could not care less about the individual. I sometimes wonder which super power it really is behind trying to break us into pieces. Ideological subversion of this nation is real. Not a day goes by without me reading about the police not having any control over gang violence, or fraud, or some idiotic statement made by a typical overpaid moron politician from the bottom of the barrel parties. Sweden is not really doing that well, but the idiot government spread propaganda about how great everything is in old and new media. All we have left is the illusion of democracy and our pale traditions which not many care about much anymore. We need firm and competent people with vision and hope in our government, intellectuals, and not self righteous social democrats, that only went 8 years in school, drove forklifts etc. All those fakecaring morons needs to go, and then this country might have a small chance of coming back, instead of turning into a country where people with names like von rindfleisch, rip it apart from inside, and then move the money to Malta, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland etc. Some of the people behind these sites belong to the same scumbags. They are not real swedes. A true swede does not sell out his or her neighbor, or their country. Time to shape up and show what we really are made of.

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