Personal data is still PUBLIC in Sweden!

It seems that the clash on freedom of information and the GDPR in Sweden has finally hit mainstream knowledge.

Sweden’s open society is clashing with EU privacy law, and regulators are frustrated

While the General Data Protection Regulation will this week come into effect across the European Union, some companies in Sweden have nothing to fear — for now at least — thanks to a peculiarity of Swedish free-expression law.

If you want some background reading on the problem, here is some stuff I posted in 2014-2015.



Swedish SA likes its GDPR teeth!

I took a beautiful long lunch with a client today, DPO lady in insurance sector, on an island outside of Stockholm. It was really a cool conversation when we discussed the latest. It seems that the Swedish SA (Datainspektion) graced with a new set of teeth is set on using them!

“Datainspektionen startar nu sin första granskning enligt den nya dataskyddslagen GDPR. 80 myndigheter, företag och organisationer måste visa att man utsett de dataskyddsombud som lagen kräver.”

After a long and frustrating journey for the Datainspektion under the old DPA, it was very cool to see that they are GDPR energised into serious action 🙂