Tiktok moves under control of Irish DPC

From 29 July 2020 onwards, Tiktok Ireland will control the data of all users in the EEA and Switzerland.

Nothing specific, just another smart move of a non-EEA company (parental company Tiktok Inc incorporated in the US) in an attempt to use one-stop-shop mechanism via its EEA subsidiaries.

Except for one thing. The recent French scenario where CNIL issued an administrative fine directly to Google LLC (US) instead of its EU subsidiary (and this was upheld by the Conseil D’Etat) may become a real problem in case of receiving a support from Irish authorities.

The decision of Conseil D’Etat, probably, ended the era of so-called ‘delegated controllership’. If supported by other DPAs, this will affect all non-EU ‘factual’ controllers willing to use one-stop-shop mechanism. Think about it, TikTok.

4 Replies to “Tiktok moves under control of Irish DPC”

  1. also protects EU data subjects for the cloud act. Once the data is not reasonably accessed or managed from US it is marginally safer being controlled from Europe.

  2. Personally interested in the developments on TikTok. My 10 yr old daughter loves TikTok.
    I even have an account. One of mine went viral.. it was pretty interesting, and scary at the same time.

    Although the App has a lot of negative publicity, I see young people being incredibly creative, and would love if this fantastic concept could be made safe for kids. Now it is most definItely NOT SAFE! It’s not only the privacy aspects, but there are predators preying on kids.

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