Personal data is still PUBLIC in Sweden!

It seems that the clash on freedom of information and the GDPR in Sweden has finally hit mainstream knowledge.

Sweden’s open society is clashing with EU privacy law, and regulators are frustrated

While the General Data Protection Regulation will this week come into effect across the European Union, some companies in Sweden have nothing to fear — for now at least — thanks to a peculiarity of Swedish free-expression law.

If you want some background reading on the problem, here is some stuff I posted in 2014-2015.



2 Replies to “Personal data is still PUBLIC in Sweden!”

  1. Sweden’s open society is nothing but an illusion, but the reality is violations against basic human rights time and time again. Försäkringskassan is another agency against it’s own people. It seems It’s much better to be a sanctimonious hypocrite, and constantly lie about the state of this country to the rest of the world, while violating it’s hardworking citizens basic human rights, as you keep on stepping on them from every angle, while you tax the crap out of them, to feed all the useless and dangerous parasites they let in here. The statistics are anything but pretty.
    The PUL and Datalagen needs a change to the constitution to stop the miserable certificate F-up to end. They could actually have done this years ago if they cared, which they don’t. No excuse not to be prepared for the digital age or any other emergency. The charming Skatteverket/SPAR, is selling out citizens personal information to corporations, for that extra profit, and again without any concent from it’s citizens. I guess you much rather go full big brother evil to squeeze that last buck out of your poor citizens, while steeling their tiny pensions, so they end up on the streets after working their entire lives building up a country being torn down for profit. This country is run by weak, lying, incompetent people, and behind them are their liberal minions living in their own little dream world, all centered around Stockholm City. What should be the punishment for those that harm their citizens, sell out their citizens, and then top it of by ruining their own country?
    It’s a constant facepalm 🤦‍♂️

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