Where to find the GDPR book?

I’ve been getting quite a few requests from individuals having problems buying the GDPR book that I published together with Filip Johnssén through the IAPP in March.


Well I have been talking to them, and they know that it is not really easy to find the book on their website if you are not a member. If you are, you have got used to it!

I have provided links to the hardcopy and digital copy here.  In addition here is a link to a Sample copy of the book, it gives you access to the whole Module 1 of the book. There are 5.

If you want to buy one or more copies, you can reply to this thread in WordPress, or wherever this post will end up in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I’m less responsive on Twitter than Linked & FB. Or you can contact me via Direct message or personally, I will be buying in bulk for Privasee business, and I don’t mind upping this order if you prefer it is shipped from Sweden rather than the US.


GDPR pingball

I feel as though I’m in the middle of a ping-ball machine with all legal parties -on behalf of their clients/controllers mainly- are busy sending DPAs to all the processors. And many of the processors who are also controllers are scratching their heads, wondering what to do with these agreements. Wondering what they are? Controller or processor? This is all very confusing for those who haven’t yet started, or have only just started this year!

Face recognition Facebook

Should I be disappointed that Facebook still hasn’t understood the ‘Privacy by Default’ principal in Privacy by Design? The user shouldn’t need to do anything to protect their privacy!

No, of course they don’t, why waste my energy ranting on this!? Just now when accepting the new privacy policy, it enabled as the default ‘facial recognition’ when I was going through this on my mobile device. Maybe I was clumsy in clicking Accept, but it was easier to click this button rather than the No choice. I then needed to find the setting and switch off. It wasn’t difficult, just annoying.

Privacy Icons are the rage

Privacy icons are going to be all the rage with GDPR efforts to bring privacy communications into a format for those of us, who don’t eat ‘legal speak’ for breakfast. Apple say that this symbol will pop-up when a function is going to use your personal data. And I really love the icon!


I’ve also received some communications from others who liked what they saw, and in Swedish. Well done Apple!