I’m grown up now :-D

Yes, and its very special this year because I was born this time over 50 years ago! I am finally grown-up 😀

I will post more later, but it’s been a pretty busy month. I am growing s new business first-off. I have been knocked over with a virus beginning of June… it probably didn’t help that I was cycling in storms just before and sat in wet cycling clothes a couple of hours. I’m not 20 anymore!

Anyhow I was meant to do Tjejvattern (a ladies 100km cycling race in Sweden) but I never made it as I was still very weak. Next year I will be more smart in my training. After all when I was training this time around I was still not 50, but now I am grown-up and wiser 😉

I had a great birthday party in an old fortress. Luckily I was well enough to get up on my 2 pegs with help from some ibuprofen and a glass or two of champagne 😛

There’s been an awful lot of interesting stuff going on recently in the security arena that I’ve been dying to post on, the Snowdon leak for example. I will get onto that during this weekend.

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