The right to be forgotten

There is much chit-chat going on concerning ‘the right to be forgotten’. Much is linked to the digital footprint that you leave behind you. There is a good essay referenced by The Technology Liberal Front that you can read more on. It looks at both angles, not just ‘the right to be forgotten’ but also what happens if everything is forgotten! There is after all much that we do NOT want to forget. You know great achievements, great people, an accurate history, not digitally rewritten as in Orwell’s 1984 😉

Whatever you post online as a persistence value that is difficult to control, at least today after it has been shared online. I’ve said many times before, it is best to post/share only what you are comfortable for the world to see. One should always consider with every word, photo, video one shares, what happens if it gets out in the wild and it has your name on it? How can you get this back, and will you be able to repair any damage that your digital footprint could cause?

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