digitalB as in B for buzzzzz website is launched ;-)

I have as some of you that know me personally or FB know been on “gardening leave” from HP since 1st May. I will be on gardening leave until end of September. During this time I have, and will be growing a security/privacy consulting business that is targeted at SMEs so that it doesn’t conflict with my previous home (HP) for 6 years. Now after 3 months of hard work the website today has been launched.

If you have feedback on the layout, content, whatever, I would be very grateful, you can post a comment against this post, or just connect with me direct 🙂

Hacker Barnaby Jack dead

Really sad when any person dies so young, only 35 years old, and Barnaby Jack was really making a difference. He hacked into devices, e.g. medical devices, that administer insulin and medical devices in general. He proved that he could hack in a administer lethal does to the barer. He forced medical companies to rethink their design!

Very sad. This year has lost first Steve Jobs, and Apple is still reeling from this loss, and now, last friday Barnaby Jack; both in their prime. Read more on Barnaby Jack in the Washington Post.

More on security vs. privacy

David Lacey has written a good article in Computer Week on this subject. He literally talks about how difficult it is to balance security with privacy because they are conflicting. He connects this with PRISM. I have made some posts on this in June.

My take on this is that, sure governments need to survey in the name of national security. However, they owe it to their citizens to inform them that this is happening! i.e. be transparent. In my experience if governments, or organizations for that matter, are not transparent in their operations, it only takes some ‘incident’ that practices that have been kept secret will surface, hence scandal/cover-up.

We are today a socially, networked, i.e. connected world right down to every individual who happens to be online. And thus presents an intimate link between transparency, trust and reputation. I wonder when our governments and organizations will get this?