Apple launch free background check app on iPhone

A new app from BeenVerified is enabling users to conduct background checks on anyone in a matter of seconds from their iPhone. I believe that this is just in the US. The Background Check App is free and employers and individuals can use it to conduct up to three free background checks per week via the iPhone. Users, particularly employers who may want to conduct checks of employees, vendors, suppliers, partners, and other parties they do business with, can also subscribe to the BeenVerified service which would grant them unlimited background checks starting at only $8 per month.

Apparently “A BeenVerified background check contains information collected from thousands of public records and publicly available data where the average person would not even know where to begin. All of the information found in our reports is already out there and accessible to anyone.” claims Levy, BeenVerified CEO. Read more at PCWorld.

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  1. Yes, that service is still around. The difference is that it costs money, and that the info gets sent via SMS instead of being displayed directly on screen.
    It is worth remembering that this information is already available from the Swedish Tax Agency for free, with full anonymity. You can just call them and ask for the info.

  2. Interesting. Automating access to public recorda sounds very much like what Ratsit did here in Sweden. They gave anomymous access to tax records to all citisens in Sweden. This was later stopped after the goverment demanded that all non company requests should require a notification to the person being looked up. You can read about it here: (link in swedish). (link with google/translate)

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