Novel ways to reach your end-users on the importance of information security in your organisation

Are you looking to find a way to reach your end-users to be serious about information security, but missing the mark. Take a look at this for a great novel idea something created by Application Security Incl., a digital comic.

Nothing to hide – CCTV in school toilets!

An excellent article on the use of CCTV, biometrics, databases, etc., in schools in the UK.

Can you imagine that on the uncertainly of whether CCTV should be permissible in toilets, Sayner (managing director of Proxis, a security installation company) reasons that “it depends exactly on what it is looking at,” adding that “If you’ve got nothing to hide, why should you object to that?” I just love this “nothing to hide” argument. For myself I’m not too keen on being the star on some camera footage when I visit the ladies room!