Unique note on a receipt from El Corte Inglés

Well hello to you all,

This is the first time I ever blog and I just wanted to share with you something that caught my attention a few days ago. As most of us have, I’ve been wandering around shopping centers during the Xmas holidays. In my case this year, I went to Spain to celebrate it with my family. The celebration brought of course lots of shopping along  -I just love shopping in Spain so much than in Sweden because of the limited selection of products they have over here-. But anyway I was caught when at Spain’s largest department store I get my shopping receipt and I read at the bottom:

” Para gestionar el cobro, todos los datos de la operación,  son transmitidos a un fichero informático gestionado por El Corte Inglés, S. A., con domicilio en Madrid, c/Hermosilla, 112, donde podrán ejecitarse los derechos de acceso y rectificación. “

Which I (not being an official translator) would translate into English like:

To transact this payment, all the operation data are transmitted to a computer file/database managed by the El Corte Inglés, S. A., residing in Madrid, c / Hermosilla, 112, where you may pursue rights of access and rectification.

I don’t know whether this (refers only to tickets) is a requirement by law however I wouldn’t think so as this particular store is the only one I found this little note. And I can promise you the pile of receipts I brought back home is not small. So there must be something unique in the El Corte Inglés way of doing.  They do have a customer data policy on their site but, as my curiosity has now been waken up, I do have a new item on my ‘to do’ list and find out whether this is a new rule or only an example for other companies to follow… .  So far I have not seen anything similar in Sweden but of course I’ve been a lot home because: 1) it’s too cold to go out and my car won’t start and 2) my account is just empty 🙁