UC identity theft prevention service

How insightful of UC to offer protection from id theft!  
If it was not for the fact that they shared our personal data to all companies that happen to sell it to make money (e.g. Hitta.se, birthdays.se, rats it.se) with the help of the ‘utgivningsbevis’ this service will not be so critical here in Sweden. 

The new Regulation will make these services that make money from our identity illegal, thank goodness. Although it will take a couple of years to be in effective. 

To read more on utgivningsbevis here in Sweden on this blog search on ‘PUL’. 

One Reply to “UC identity theft prevention service”

  1. Pay for it? Hahaha
    Sweden is just absurd and stupid. It should not be hard or difficult to have citizens personal info removed and all these companies charged and withdraw their business permits and even charge the founders etc with ID theft. Just mindboggling really. A real embarrasment for Sweden.

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