Projekt Metropolit – 1953 – 15k Swedish children tracked over 20 years

This is old news, but sometimes we need to be reminded that even in countries such as Sweden (and Denmark) there have been examples recording the life of children during 15 years without them knowing. There was a bit uproar when it came out in 1986 that 15000 children born in 1953 were tracked…

Listen to the P3 documentary (Swedish) if you missed this, or just are interested to know more about the motivation behind this study.

Read the report here in English.

Sweden’s hidden heros who welcome the Syrians to Swedish paradise!

It is rare that I post anything from my personal life in my blog, however this I have to share. During several weeks I’ve been thinking about the difference that a person very special in my life has made for the lives of a number of Syrians that have come to my new home land, Sweden to live.

Solbacka (Stjärnhov) is a conference facility that has laid empty without a purpose for around 3-4 years. My husband Leslie Öqvist, is one of the hidden heros behind the scenes that made it possible to enable Solback to become a temporary home for these brave individuals in the middle of Swedish paradise… until they can be found permanent homes.

He has worked for more than a year to make this possible before the Syrian crisis happened, to house refugees from other countries temporarily such as Afghanistan where he spent 7 years of his life working for the UN/FN in peace operations. It was quite opportune that there are people making this happen, Sweden’s unsung heros, and my husband is one…

See more here on the life of the refugees at Solbacka. It is heart-warming to see children on cycles and families so relieved to be safe.

Safe Habor, so what now?

I’ve been asked this question more than once, funnily enough. The fact is that even the Safe Habor experts don’t have concrete answers 😉

Noh-MasksBasically it’s business as usual until some way forward is found. For those companies that are following Safe Habor practices today and tomorrow, they will not going to be penalized for this. It’s not their fault that what was considered legal last week is not this week!

There is a revised Safe Habor that has been worked on for a couple of years now which includes the restriction on U.S. government (intelligence) access to personal data of non-Americans, but it has not been finalized yet. From what I understand, it is not agreed precisely because the U.S. want this exact point removed, which is exactly the motivation of the ruling on Safe Habor! I guess the EU and U.S. must fix this now.
I can imagine that Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) will gain a new momentum from hereon. However this is significant work for any company working across legal jurisdictions, and today it is only some of the really large global corporations who have BCRs in place and working.

Safe Habor

2518864-8236474736-tombsWithout adding to the excitement and dismay rippling across the EU and the US concerning this verdict I thought I’d post a few articles written by privacy experts on IAPP on what they think. They are easy reading and informative. Have fun, the opinions are mixed as you will find out!

Sweden is going to have fun with the new Data Protection Regulation

There’s starting to be a bit of a flurry here in Sweden with the upcoming new Regulation.

One of the communications I received last week was concerning the fact that here in Sweden our personal data, including our ID is considered public information. This will not be the case once the Regulation comes into effect. What I find funny (you know the funny, not-so-funny British humour ;-)) is that those I talk to here think this is new in the Regulation, but it’s not. It is included in the Directive of today, just not implemented as law here in Sweden.

This is going to require significant work to get compliance in Sweden, especially the way our personal data is sold with the use of ‘utgivningsbevis’ without the consent of the data subject. In fact it is impossible for data subjects in Sweden to remove their personal data from public viewing!

Hurry up new Regulation so I can get my personal data removed from, and… just to name a few!

Ratsit is so kind as to remove sensitve data from public eyes

I am being continually amazed by the lack of respect there is here in Sweden for personal data. I have written so much on this subject already. However I came across this article a couple of weeks ago concerning Ratsit (who are one of those companies that have an ‘utgivningsbevis’ which means they can use our personal data and make it public to make money). Well they have been so kind as to remove from their search results names of vulnerable women living in shelters, and other categories of individuals that should be protected!

Thank you for being so considerate Ratsit…… now would you be so kind as to remove my name too…..