You’ve got 0 friends

Following May’s post earlier this week, I was more than amused to be pointed towards this South Park episode “You’ve got 0 friends”. Would you believe me if I was to say that I have never watched South Park before? And now I can say that I have watched almost a complete single episode… well nearly to the end before I was pulled away to attend my daughter. However I saw enough to feel the need to share with you.

This episode epitomizes both the cool highs and lows and dilemmas of Facebook. Take a look even if you don’t like South Park, as is the case with myself. Especially all of you with a Facebook profile will find it very funny 🙂

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  1. That is really an excellent episode, whether you generally like South Park or not.

    Why aren’t I friends with Grandma? I don’t have a Facebook profile…

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