E.U. privacy laws will NOT be bullied into compromise from international pressure!

I like this “European officials yesterday took a stand against international pressure to compromise their data protection principles for the sake of global business and government.” This was on 20th May. Reported by ComputerWeekly.com. The EU should be setting the global standard for information privacy, not be bullied into conforming to the rest of the world’s lazy approach to how they manage our personal information!

Speaking engagement at W-Tech London, 24 June

I’ve not been very active with speaking engagements this year, however there is one coming up during the last week of June at W-Tech. This is a womens’ networking event, mainly for women working in IT. It will be a real pleasure to be speaking here, and I do look forward to meeting all you fine ladies that happen to be attending 🙂

Book distribution channels secured over in U.S.

Hi, I have been informed by my publisher (BCS) that book distribution channels have been secured in the U.S. What this means is that if you order a book from amazon.com it should arrive in a few days rather than a few weeks as previously.

If you read my book, please go ahead and leave a review at amazon, or wherever you purchased the book, or on your blog or here at Virtual Shadows blog (under The Book) 🙂 I really want my international audience to know that the book has an international focus, it is not just for U.K. privacy.