WADA rule contravenes EU privacy laws

Good! Many parts of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) “whereabouts” rule contravene the bloc’s privacy laws, a key European Union (EU) panel will say next week.

WADA includes anti-doping rules that require Olympic-level athletes to disclose their locations every day. The World Anti-Doping Agency “whereabouts” rule went into effect on January 1. Read more at Reuters.

Personal data gone walkies in the Czech Republic during EU-US summit

Opps personal information gone walkies at the EU-U.S summit in the Czech republic. The information included passport numbers, flights, blood groups and allergies of some 200 EU-U.S. summit participants, including some prime ministers and presidents. . The Czech government blame the incident on “unintentional human erros”.

Guilty until proved innocent?

The largest DNA database not protected by any privacy law, that is the FBI DNA database of over 6.7 million profiles is in the throes of a new spurt of growth. Until now, the federal government genetically tracked only convicts. But starting this month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will join 15 states that collect DNA samples from those awaiting trial and will collect DNA from detained immigrants — the vanguard of a growing class of genetic registrants.

I wonder what next?