Love / Hate and location tracking

I was watching TV last night, I think it was ‘bones’. There was a dating service whereby via your mobile phone you could pick up if anyone else registered to that dating service within a 100 metres (or something similar) and a message would pop-up “Love / Hate” and a picture of the person.

Question I have is does this type of dating service really exist? A service that links your mobile phone tracking services to your profile on the dating service, and in correlation with other registered members/phones in the immediate vicinity. Would love to hear from you! Thanks.

E.U. privacy laws will NOT be bullied into compromise from international pressure!

I like this “European officials yesterday took a stand against international pressure to compromise their data protection principles for the sake of global business and government.” This was on 20th May. Reported by The EU should be setting the global standard for information privacy, not be bullied into conforming to the rest of the world’s lazy approach to how they manage our personal information!

Speaking engagement at W-Tech London, 24 June

I’ve not been very active with speaking engagements this year, however there is one coming up during the last week of June at W-Tech. This is a womens’ networking event, mainly for women working in IT. It will be a real pleasure to be speaking here, and I do look forward to meeting all you fine ladies that happen to be attending 🙂

Book distribution channels secured over in U.S.

Hi, I have been informed by my publisher (BCS) that book distribution channels have been secured in the U.S. What this means is that if you order a book from it should arrive in a few days rather than a few weeks as previously.

If you read my book, please go ahead and leave a review at amazon, or wherever you purchased the book, or on your blog or here at Virtual Shadows blog (under The Book) 🙂 I really want my international audience to know that the book has an international focus, it is not just for U.K. privacy.

PROTECTING THE VIRTUAL CHILD: The Law and Children’s Consent to Sharing Personal Data

Interesting report from Terri Dowty, Director of ARCH and Professor Douwe Korff on behalf of ARCH/Nuffield Foundation in January 2009. The purpose of this report is to give an indication of current legal thinking on children’s ability to give informed consent to information sharing, both in the UK and in other EU countries. It is divided into two sections: the first of these deals with the law in the UK; the second is a comparative study of seven EU countries.

WADA rule contravenes EU privacy laws

Good! Many parts of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) “whereabouts” rule contravene the bloc’s privacy laws, a key European Union (EU) panel will say next week.

WADA includes anti-doping rules that require Olympic-level athletes to disclose their locations every day. The World Anti-Doping Agency “whereabouts” rule went into effect on January 1. Read more at Reuters.