A right to privacy in the workplace?

Greenville County employees have “no expectation of privacy” on county computers and may be monitored if there is reason to suspect misuse, a policy that underscores what many employees ignore but may now be thinking: The boss is watching. In fact the ‘expectation’ of no privacy in the workplace is normal in the U.S. If any of my blog readers are U.S. residents, then please correct me if you feel that this statement is wrong.

In the E.U. there are in most countries laws in place that protect the privacy of the individual, however these do not extend to the workplace that is seen as a private network. A couple of countries have enacted some laws protecting the privacy of employees, but it is not uniformly applied. Although in the E.U. it is implied that employees have a right to privacy, this right is not -in general- enforced. It is an interesting area. Should we have a right to privacy in the workplace?

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