Book publish date

Hi again, I know I’ve been quiet lately. Work has been pretty interesting/busy, and also the looming deadline on my book for the end of this month. I am taking a lovely vacation now at home in Sweden to finalise the details after my few days visit tonthe U.K. If all goes to plan, book will be published end of October 2008! It will be a light book to read, nothing heavy, informative, and relevant reading for everyone. So just watch this space!

RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion 2008

This week I was at a reunion held at the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) for the Information Security Group, and it was so cool! I met a whole load of security professionals over and above those that I had already had the pleasure of studying alongside with on the distance learning programme. I also had the pleasure of speaking on the Wednesday, I spoke about privacy and how perceptions are changing and why.

If any of you guys I met at this conference read this post, I would like to thank you for being there. It really was a pleasure to meet you all!

Your health records privacy in the UK

This is a problem, you think your data has been anonymised, but has it really?

The House of Lords has overruled the Scottish Information Commissioner’s decision to allow the release of anonymized regional medical statistics, saying the data were still private and thus covered under the UK’s Data Protection Act. According to, the controversy stems from a request by a Scottish Parliamentary researcher for leukemia data related to children from 0-14 years of age from a specific postal region. The Lords’ ruling was based on the low rate of incidents, which could have made it possible to correlate the data with individuals in spite of the fact that the data had been anonymized. Read more…