Let’s chip our kids!

This article just made me feel a little bit irritated, maybe a classic British understatement. I try not to voice my opinions too loudly but here I can’t resist saying something.

They’ve started chipping kids the same way they chip criminals in the UK! Although there are only 10 chipped at the writing of this article in a pilot -I guess those are the kids who regularly truant- they are planning to place the RFID chips in all school uniforms in the future.

Darnbro state that their product can “trace a pupil’s every step during the school day” and that the system can be set up to limit access to doors for certain people at certain times, including shutting the main doors of a school to pupils during classtime. And the headteacher says that the pilot was “not intrusive to the pupil in the slightest.” Sure pull the other one it has bells on!

I agree with what David Clouter, founder of anti-fingerprinting group “Leave them kids alone”, said: “To put this in a school badge is complete and utter surveillance of the children. Tagging is what we do to criminals we let out of prison early.”

Apparently the parents think this is a good idea…. wake up! Maybe it’s because one added benefit of chipping the kids uniform is that it is easy to identify them if they become lost. I wonder why so many people cannot see any further ahead than the end of their noses? If chipping the kids today becomes socially acceptable, what will come tomorrow?

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