Expect your adventures in 2life to be preserved for future generations…..

Look what my college Kjell came across and was kind enough to send me….

“RIT Joins Library of Congress Partnership to Preserve Online Games and Virtual Worlds Rochester Institute of Technology (09/19/07) Researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology will participate in an initiative to develop standards for preserving virtual worlds and online games. The Preserving Virtual Worlds project, which the Library of Congress will administer under the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIPP), will focus on basic standards for metadata and content representation, and also use archiving case studies of video games, electronic literature, and the Second Life virtual world to study preservation issues. “This is incredibly important work because the worlds we are playing with today will be gone in a flash, with no recordable way of recreating them for future generations,” says Andrew Phelps, director of game design and development and RIT’s principal investigator on the project. “Virtual worlds are affecting millions of people in their daily lives and while we can record and store some of the social commentary that happens about them from the outside, it seems almost silly that we in fact can’t store the original work beyond a scant number of years.” RIT’s Christopher Egert, assistant professor of IT, and Elizabeth Lawley, director of the Laboratory for Social Computing in the Center for Advancing the Study of Cyberinfrastructure, will also be involved in the project. They will join researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Stanford University, the University of Maryland, and Linden Lab on the project, which has received a $590,000 grant from the Library of Congress.”

My dead PC

I know I’ve been a bit quiet, but I’m in mourning for my PC that I was so proud to breath in a new life with a fresh new installation of Novell SUSE Linux that died as a result of a power surge the other evening. I haven’t yet opened up to see the extend of the damage…… 🙁

Could be I build a new PC after all and get a UPS 😉 What is sure is that I am not buying a ready-built with MS Windows installed! Linux is the way forward. A new PC means cool graphic abilities with that 3 dimensional cube…. cool!

Breathing some life back into an old machine

Hi readers, I’ve been really busy in my spare time over the last week or so. I had an old Shuttle machine that I built about 5 years ago when I was living in Switzerland, and decided it was time to breath a bit of life back into this beauty. So I installed Novell SUSE Linux. I had some problems with the graphics… as I wanted to run -of course- Second Life on this machine. Bought a Radeon graphics card, that sort of works, but no fancy wobbly windows and 3d cube, but it works. The monitor wasn’t listed -a Samsung SyncMaster 152s, but I worked out the parameters. In fact it is looking sort of neat. Tried both Gnome and KDE desktops, must say that KDE is looking tidier and more advanced. I reckon this machine has at least 1-2 years life left… thanks to Linux. Very neat OS and 60 days free evaluation. The license cost is only about €47 for a years subscription, much less expensive than MS. If you’re fed-up with MS, then try it out. It feels sort of satisfying not to throw out that old machine, that is not really so old after all!

Harry Potter lives on!

This article from the Time magazine looks at another aspect of Web 2.0.

Remus Lupin sat in the chair in the teacher’s lounge closest to the coffee booth. He stirred his magically around with a finger, taking a long sigh in and a long sigh out. He knew that tomorrow he would start feeling ill again (since it was only three days from the full moon), and he really didn’t feel like getting sick. He ran his fingers through his light brown hair and looked deep within the black, bitter coffee with a blank expression.

The work of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will live on for generations to come. Only, those aren’t Rowling’s words. They’re Candeh’s, a writer on fanfiction.net who’s penned three books based on Harry Potter…..

The current craze around consumer-generated media didn’t start with Youtube, MySpace or even with blogging. Go back almost 600 years. In 1421, for example, John Lydgate, perhaps longing for just one more tale, wrote an obscure piece entitled The Siege of Thebes, a continuation of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The 1970s saw the dawn of fanzines, a pre-Internet form of user participation albeit distributed on mimeograph paper….

Can Google “Street View” Steal Your Soul?

There are several issues pertaining to our right for privacy and how this conflicts to with our right for freedom of speech. These discussions do become very confusing because it affects everyone of us personally and hence discussions can be subjective.

And then we have the factual elements:
1. pervasive and growing use of photography and CCTV
2. what happens to the output from (1)

Lauren has setup a discussion thread that has some active participation with differing viewpoints.

HP Seminarium – Om sĂ€kerhetslösningar och Business Continuity & Availability

I have my first speaking engagement in Stockholm on Tuesday – HP Seminarium – Om sĂ€kerhetslösningar och Business Continuity & Availability. Should be interesting, first time speaking with my HP hat on. I will be talking about Compliance -Information Security Systems Management (ISSM) Framework. The program says that I will take this in Swedish, but not feeling so fluent this week, so it will be in English. Maybe next time 😉
If you are there I look forward to seeing you.