The Conflict between Privacy, Safety and our right for Freedom

This essay is very interesting as it discusses the very problem with the conflict we have today between the desire to feel safe and the risk to our personal privacy… much motivated by our fear… fueled by what we hear, what we see and what we feel. I believe that often what we do maybe influenced by what has become society norms which may not necessarily represent what really makes sense.

An example: I run in the woods each day 40 minutes, my favourite route. I am attacked. Who is at fault? Me for running in the woods or the attacker? Hence is my decision to run on the roads influenced more by 1) that other people may blame me if I am attacked, 2) or by my desire to feel safe?

If you let your children walk by themselves to school, are you more concerned by 1) what could happen to them, 2) or, that you will be blamed if something does happen? Do you think for a moment about their right to walk to school?

Let us jump 20 years into the future and a time when it is becoming the norm to carry a ‘life recorder’ on us…… what is a life recorder? Something we may need to have on us all the time —- in case we need an alibi.

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