Pushchairs optimised for running

And you maybe wondering what this has to do with information security… absolutely nothing. I just had to share this with my blog readers -particularly the ladies, and guys that feel that they just don’t get the equality they deserve when it comes to fatherhood.

This morning I received the latest edition of Runners World in Sweden. They had a full 3 page review article on pushchairs that have been optimised for those of us that enjoy running… and all of the pictures had proud fathers that had tested these pushchairs — or are they called ‘strollers’ in the US?

Anyhow, summer has arrived again in Sweden, and again the streets are full of guys pushing around their children in pushchairs and loving it! They take -what is their right in Sweden, paternity leave- and take responsibility for their beautiful children whilst the mum is back at work. What a beautiful country this is!

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  1. Yep, they’re called “jogging strollers” in the language we call “‘merican”.

    If you’ve ever had to run and push one, you’ll quickly agree that it beats you down. Not only do you have the extra resistance, but you can’t use your arms to run. It’s rough.

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