Fish for breakfast in Sweden and Fish cyphers

I was having an interesting discussion with Mark Curphey who mentioned that it was very strange that the Swedish eat fish for breakfast! I am British myself living in Sweden, and have actually become quite accustomed to seeing fish on the breakfast tables. Anyhow it got me thinking if there was any link I could find between fish, Sweden and cryptography so it was worth for some mention in my blog. And here it isFish cyphers“. It is quite likely that Arne ate fish for breakfast too!

Changing Generational Notions of Privacy

Take a look at this article and related discussions in Bruce’s blog. I wasn’t surprised by this. I see big money-making opportunities in the future for those businesses that ‘clean’ information residue (linked to identities) as some of the younger generation become adults and realise that recruitment agencies are ‘googling’ them before they are considered for the most sought after jobs.