Blocking Adobe Flash Content

Did you know that you can customise the settings of the adope flash player -that maybe causing dynamic content to appear on visited web pages and can also be storing content onto your computer. I get these sort of content when I open my Yahoo Mail for example if I haven’t set my privacy settings.

You could be seeing an advert a bit like the one below that is dynamically changing every few seconds. If so there is a chance that it is also storing content on your computer.

If you ‘right-click’ on the dynamic content, something like the following will pop-up. If you navigate through the menu options -the icons in the bottom left-hand corner, you will be presented with various privacy options for this particular advertiser. You can edit just the settings for adverts from this one advertiser using this panel.

The first thing I do is click on the ‘folder’ icon and set content to be stored on my computer to zero! Afterwards the advertisement disappears and looks like the example below.

Click on the Advanced option to modify the global settings for ALL adverts. You will be presented with something like the following. Any settings applied on this web-page will affect how Adobe Flash Content -concerning your privacy settings- is being managed on your computer.

Let me know how it goes…