Talk differently

My latest publication in the May 2009 issue of IT Now published by the British Computer Society. Imagine moving the concept of social networking and the power of the people into the organisational context. This is what this article is about. It is missing some text and a diagram from the original publication. Although a blogger has tried, and quite successfully managed to capture the essence of the article. Send me an email if you want a copy of the original. My email address is found on the About Me tab.

This article is a cruelly condensed version of a paper I wrote for my MBA studies with the Henley International School of Management on “Managing People and Performance”. I guess there will be similar publications coming as I progress onto year two of my studies 🙂

Changing parameters of communicatoin in business

You know that I’ve been studying an MBA? It has got me thinking on a whole load of stuff, things I sort of knew because I’ve been around, lived and worked in quite a few countries. It is good to see that what I have been thinking about, i.e. the dynamics of how businesses work based on the old scientific theories just don’t work anymore. It ties in well to what I have been researching, globalisation of communication. In my book I have written mainly about the social networking space and how to take control of your identity, and of course a whole load of other stuff too. However I have not linked this into the business context….

These shoes are made for walking

I went for a long walk today. I do that sometimes, and I have a new pair of walking shoes that I need to break in, and I like to think. I started an MBA with Henley School of Management beginning of September, and I have lots to think about. It is inspiring and feels me with energy. The people that I study with give me energy. My husband is quite amazing. In fact I am surrounded by many very fine, strong people.

My previous boots were the new style hiking boots, you know singing, whistling type, gortex, with odles of padding around the ankles. My new ones are Lundberg, leather, rubber that breaths around the foot, a bit of padding around the ankles but not much.

My boots and I still need to become friends. I have so far walked over 65km in them and the right ankle is still a problem. My old boots were much easier, but these Lundberg are lighter, they dry faster overnight if we happen to be camping, and they feel more agile. These boots will last 20 years at least probably much longer, that is how they are designed. It is worth making friends with them, as one day we will be old friends. These are classics that are not a part of this disposable society that we live in today.