I was requested to write something for an Accounting periodical in Malta. Privasee and the largest ICT Academy on the Maltese islands, ICE Malta, are working together to bring GDPR compliance to every organisation irrespective of size. The article is targeted at accounting professionals, of course. It is short, and provides some very basic tips.

Enjoy 🙂

Do you have Privacy Champions in your organisation?

Businesspeople standing on a maze in front of a giant keyhole on blue background
Privacy Champions are key to a successful Privacy Program!

If not then you should!

You know that one of the most effective methods to achieve compliance is to get internal buy-in, and with the EU Data Protection Regulation peaking its pretty head around the corner it’s time to get your organisation ready.


There are ways to start that is inexpensive and flexible with the use of Privacy Champions. Get them trained in privacy, they will love it!

Privasee, a start-up (I am founder/CEO), has created a simple 10-hour privacy on-boarding training using an online gamification platform, so it’s actually very social and rather fun. And I’m sitting at the back-end with Privasee’s very own legal geek girl to help!

LogisticsThe next course (Privacy & Data Protection – Introduction) starts on 1 December and learners have 1 month to complete 10 hours of study. Each learner earns a ‘Privacy EAGLE’ badge on successful completion (using Mozilla’s OpenBadge backpack).

Cost of the course is €220. More information & flyer can be found here.