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  1. Your video is timely and important, Konstantin. Thanks for sharing!

    I was just watching the first 45 minutes of the EDPB meeting today and it was re – emphasized that Schrems II applies to all third countries – not just the U.S. Given that fact, and given that the world today is a very uncertain place, I had a couple questions that maybe you can weigh in on:

    1. What is the impact of Schrems II re transfer of European personal data to those countries in the world which lack privacy regimes and stable democratic governments? Do / would European data exporters have confidence in those countries?

    2. What would happen if a major European city was subjected to a terrorism attack on the scale of 9/11? I hope that never happens (and hasn’t happened to date), but the reality is that much of the mass surveillance architecture / laws at the U.S. Government level was expanded / created in the aftermath of 9/11.

    These are geopolitical questions, but that was exactly the point made by speakers at the EDPB meeting today – that a geopolitical solution needs to be found among the Western countries (their wording, not mine). Looking forward to your thoughts! Jim

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