What is a ‘cookie wall’?

Given the recent Post by Konstantin I thought it made sense to write a brief Post on what a cookie wall actually is… after all it really is not obvious, or is it?

Just in case it is not here we go. A cookie wall makes it impossible for visitors to browse a website without agreeing to all cookies irrespective of whether they are absolutely necessary for functioning of the website. An example are cookies used to track visitor browsing habits.

In order to be compliant with GDPR, the visitor does not need to consent to essential cookies (i.e. the website will not function correctly without them), but they should have the choice to consent to non-essential cookies.

What’s more is that cookies, whether essential or not should have an expiry date on them unless they are something called session cookies. Session cookies are the best because they are automatically deleted following termination of a browsing session. Cookies which are not session cookies should have an expiry date which is aligned to a specific purpose and a legal basis.