CIPT training

Last week I’ve been, at the request of JUC in Denmark delivering 2 days Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) training created by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

It was the first time I delivered this training, previously I’ve delivered the CIPP/E, which is the privacy training specific for the EU. What I’ve noticed is that if I deliver this training to learners which are predominately business, IT and security, it works great. I do great!

On the other hand if they are pure legal, it does not work optimal. Even though I’m pretty legal savvy for a non-legal professional, legal professionals have a different mindset. They have a different focus on what is important for them, often at a legal depth, places where I’ve never been. I know enough to know when I need to call in legal, but I’m not a legal geek.

Now, delivery of the CIPT was great fun. The room was full of IT guys, and a couple of ladies, one with a legal focus, who worked a lot across business operations. As a trainer I felt that this for me was a great IT privacy training. It was a little too much US focus, of course with IAPP, but I actually had lots of fun during 2 days delivering this content. It was just an awesomely fun 2 days for us all!

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