What a mess!

All these identity products, or what they prefer to be called ‘solutions’ in every organisation, connecting up… if lucky- disparate applications with their own authentication, authorisation systems, and maybe Single Sign-on.. the security nightmare, but necessary in order for any sane individual to survive in this identity crisis era.

But this is IDENTITY security built around applications, instead of people, how WEIRD!


PROVENANCE is rather a nice word. I hadn’t really come across it before a month or two ago, which is weird considering I am English. It means protecting our word, here is wikipedia better definition. I see it like this because it is to do with saving the truth. George Orwell’s 1984 was all about re-writing history, living a lie. Provenance is about preserving history.

So why the interest from my side? Well everything we do online is written digitally somewhere, and I think it would be good if our word is protected, its integrity is protected, even after we die.