3 Replies to “The future of data protection?”

  1. Very interesting though that at the same time as EU is working on strengthening the individuals right to privacy, CISPA was up for a 2nd run in US which amongst other things didn’t just not require companies to sanitize the data they submit in the name off Cybercrime but actually took away the liability of the companies which don’t.

  2. Privacy and Authentication is the key when Internet can be used by everyone, everywhere. ENISA (the EU cyber security agency) urges Europe’s businesses and government organizations to take urgent action to address the security issues of email. It strongly recommends looking at more secure communication solutions. Old messaging technology used today, is not working in the new fast growing mobile society.
    This is nothing new but look at Poosty.com, that is a new secure privacy network that is free for personal use and built on identities based on a combination of your e-mail identity and mobil number. It can be used by anyone, everywhere in the world

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