Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISA) is not aligned with civil and privacy rights of the individual according to privacy advocates such as Electronic Frontier Foundation and

Neither Microsoft or Facebook support this bill. Imagine that everything you post on FB to be available for government authorities? Fine if you trust them I suppose, but I don’t.

Why is not crowdsourcing used more in the fight against terrorism? Transparency and the power of the people, of whom most want a safe society could provide an all encompassing safetynet. Crowdsourcing for example is starting to be used to locate missing persons and children, it is very powerful. There are so many people out there that can make a positive difference to this broken world we live in.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Boston bombing and the explosion in West took so much attention that the voting for the updated, not very much improved, bill went through the “house” and is now up for voting in the Senate. There is a mayor rising starting to form on the internet and during the weeken, the “signups” against CISPA passed 1 million signatures. The little bit ironic thing is that the group known as Anonymous are driving this, this time in a “peaceful” way using #CISPA, #EndCISPA and #StopCISPA as hashtags.

    The problem about all this at this point is the focus. For ex Swedish media have nothing, absolutely nothing, to be found around this in 2013. This is certainly not only a problem for the Americans due to the fact that it focuses on the services being hosted/owned by US parties.

    The fact that the financial and liability interests around this is much greater than the means is another big concern. Approx 50 million dollars is claimed to be used in lobbying for this and the fact that CISPA removes any possibility for legal actions against companies which has leaked information in the name of CISPA have no liability and therefore no legal responsibility, adds a twist to the fact that for ex Google is supporting it. Also, the fact that one of the biggest supporters of this have a wife whos company have a direct interest.

    Monday April 22, it’s called for #CISPABlackout. Numerous websites are for 24 hours replacing their web with a banner, just as they did with SOPA.

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