Security innovation

David Lacey made a post concerning the (lack) of innovation, in how decisions in cyber-security in government are taken, not only the amount of money allocated to this work but how it is spent.

Apart from what David discusses I see that one of the biggest challenges when it comes to being innovative or visionary is that often decisions are based upon where we are today and then making a plan forward. When in fact there is only one way to really innovate in whatever area it may be, and that is to take that quantum leap into the future, 5-10 years ahead is enough, and visualize how it will feel, what will be our experiences, challenges, and then look back to understand how we got there. There is a whole load if visionary videos and tools out there that one can use to aid the process.

This comes up with a completely different picture to what comes up from starting from today and planning forward, over the quantum leap forward and looking back.

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