Thanks to subscribing to Virtual Shadows

There is a German lady that subscribed to Virtual Shadows in the last couple of days. Yes WordPress is kind enough to give me this much information about my visitors. I want to thank you for this. It has kicked my ass back into action again, after a rather lazy six months neglect of my blog 🙂

Just to give you -my loyal following- an update. I am now Tower Lead for GRC at HP Technical Services division. A role that I feel very honoured with after being on leave from work for a period of time following the birth of my beautiful daughter in 2009.

Much of my work during the last 12 months has been in the cloud and I have been inspired. I’ve been thinking a lot about the complexity of the subject area that we work in, and thinking about how maybe it could be simpler if we thought about it in a different way? gives you the option to remove your details!

I was really annoyed to find when I got my new iPhone a couple of years ago to see all my contact details on AGAIN. I had already more than once been in contact with them and other companies that somehow get hold of my personal information and make it public to REMOVE it immediately!

I’ve been somewhat preoccupied the last couple of years, so found the effort just too much. However, today I was feeling like battle again when I Googled myself and found my name and everything about me popping up. I was so delighted to see that have now included an option to remove your details from their database.

So if you are in Sweden and battling to keep your “kontakt uppgifter” private. Just pop in there and make the change… of course it doesn’t solve everything, but at least its a start!