hitta.se gives you the option to remove your details!

I was really annoyed to find when I got my new iPhone a couple of years ago to see all my contact details on hitta.se AGAIN. I had already more than once been in contact with them and other companies that somehow get hold of my personal information and make it public to REMOVE it immediately!

I’ve been somewhat preoccupied the last couple of years, so found the effort just too much. However, today I was feeling like battle again when I Googled myself and found my name and everything about me popping up. I was so delighted to see that hitta.se have now included an option to remove your details from their database.

So if you are in Sweden and battling to keep your “kontakt uppgifter” private. Just pop in there and make the change… of course it doesn’t solve everything, but at least its a start!

6 Replies to “hitta.se gives you the option to remove your details!”

  1. This is very upsetting as nothing is being done about this. If you have a mobile phone contract and not prepaid, then your personal phone number will show up too. What is wrong with Sweden?
    How can they not just remove citizens personal information and protect it and punish every company using it for profit?
    Mindboggling. And anyone overseas can also stalk people and plan crime against citizens. What about terrorism? This is just so stupid and upsetting and absurd. I thought Sweden was a smart country. Not so sure now.

  2. Hej,
    Thank you very much for your post. I find it really annoying too. How did you delete your details?

    1. There is an option on hitta.se, I wrote in this or previous post. Search on blog for hitta.se to find it. Problem is that others also sharing your personal data don’t give you this right.

  3. absolutely so much for data protection . you can also find phone numbers for people via your car registration so with that in mind , car reg = phone number = all you details . . so much for data protection, ill bet there is a lot of fraud in sweden at present ^^

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