Rubbish stats available on WordPress

Well I must say that I do like WordPress look & feel, ease of use, but the statistics is quite useless, and I am very disappointed. On Blogspot I was able to include some Google Analytics code into my blog code, but this is not possible on WordPress. What’s more stats that do exist is quite poor….there is only number of hits, nothing on visitors, unique visitors, which networks they enter the site, browsers they use, etc.

If anyone knows how I can get better information on my visitors feel free to share, in case I’m doing WordPress an injustice.

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  1. I am hosting my blog on Thanks for the url David, although I have already come across this jusfication, nonetheless, just wondered if there were more WordPress analytics than what I seem to have now. You know like knowing visitors vs. pages viewed, etc., and also where they come from? Wondered if there were extra dashboard items that I just missed or some widget?

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