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Hey friends, I have something to share with you. My book can now be found at although not much info there right now. Publish date is set for January 2009, but you can ignore that, it is planned to be out towards end of November 2008 🙂

To the right is an image of the book cover, great job by BCS Publishing!
I had lots of support in writing the book, there is:

  • Hannah Greenham who shared the story of how her online communications changed her life, i.e. she met her husband
  • Moira Sawbridge also known as the ‘Silver Surfer’ as a pensioner and a power user of online communications and sharing
  • Arun Rajagopal a blogger from the Middle East, contributed to the first known ‘blook’. “The Age of Conversation“. Arun also let me include his photo.
  • Kjell Ostman who talks about building online relationships in the days of Digital Equipment
  • Heather Armstrong (alias Dooce) who makes a living for her and her family just with advertising revenue generated by her blog, thanks for letting me use your photo.
  • For a picture of Salam Pax another Middle East blogger thanks to Chris Usher Photography & Associates for sharing a great picture taken of this interesting guy.
  • Jessica Hagy for letting me quote her poem and use her sharing picture. This lady is quite talented. Check out her blog. She also contributed to the same blook as Arun.

I will post more during the next couple of months :-), still haven’t got all permissions finalised. Still awaiting permissions from Privacy International for a picture and I am missing permissions and picture of Justin Hall (known as the founding father of blogging). So Justin if you happen to pass by, would love to know how I can contact you. There is also Andy McKee (an acoustic guitarist). I also want to hear from Shi Hengxia, alias Hibiscus Sister. These guys I’ve had problems finding contact details with and they are all mentioned in the book. Oh also Jacob Peter Dokter, I lost your email address, pls email me, I need your permission too for a quote 🙂

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  1. Hi elizabeth, thanks for calling by 🙂 I believe the BCS is organising a book launching event which sounds fun by what you say! Sounds like you are thinking of calling by, which would be fun!

  2. Karen, it’s great to ‘virtually’ meet another BCS author! Have just discovered your book via BCS Women. I look forward to your book launch event later this year, they tend to be good evenings so I hope the BCS is organising something to celebrate your book hitting the shelves!

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