Phorm – a new level of effectiveness in online advertising

Leading UK ISPs BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, along with advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks, work with Phorm to make online advertising more relevant, rewarding and valuable.

Phorm (AIM: PHRM and PHRX), the advertising technology company, today (14 February 2008) announces exclusive agreements with UK internet service providers (ISPs) BT PLC, TalkTalk and Virgin Media Inc. Phorm’s industry leading technology will enable the companies to offer a new online advertising platform, the Open Internet Exchange (OIX), and a free consumer internet feature, Webwise, which ensures fewer irrelevant adverts and additional protection against malicious websites. It will also revolutionise current standards of online privacy and fully protect the identity of consumers. Phorm’s privacy claims have been validated under best industry practices, both through an independent audit conducted by Ernst & Young (View report PDF) and a Privacy Impact Assessment undertaken by Simon Davies, MD of 80/20 Thinking and Director of Privacy International. It says there is an easy opt-out mechanism. Pity it is not the opposite, i.e. an opt-in mechanism;-)

Umm not sure I buy this, sounds like another ploy to collect more information on us when we are online!

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