Biometrics collected by schools today will be used tomorrow as a lifelong key to our children’s identity!

Take a look what has just landed in my email. Thanks for this article Michael!

Yesterday it was reported that schools will be given guidance on how to use and store pupils’ biometric information, such as fingerprints. UK schools started fingerprinting children in around 2002. Quietly encouraged by central Government, parents were not generally informed. By 2007, more than 5,000 schools have fingerprinted children, some as young as five. More than 20 firms now sell school biometric systems, some costing as much as £25,000.

School systems store fingerprint templates, the lifelong key to a person’s identity. Within 10 years these will be used to authenticate bank accounts and passports…… keep reading there is more

Banning of extreme violent games?

I think these sort of games should be censored as unsuitable for children. Can we ban these type of games outright?

Yes I think so based upon my experience in SL. I would say that some gamers that get involved in these type of ‘role-playing’ games can start to lose some distinction between what is, or what is not real…. scary to say the least! What do you think?

MySpace kicks out sex-offenders – 29,000 of them!

What great news. I heard this on the radio this morning… in Swedish.. and wondered if I really had understood it right. It seemed too good to be true. But it is true and HURRAY!

This move really sends a message for information communities in the future. It also sets the scene for safer social networking for our kids! HURRAY for a new and safer Information Age!!!

Truste Privacy Seals

I have been seeing more and more the use of the Truste privacy seal. Yahoo/Flickr for example refer to this in their privacy statement. They are still collecting PII and using it for research, but they do not sell it. Of course it still doesn’t prevent them from using our PII to create profiles, strip our information of PII and attach these profiles instead. Well we can’t have everything….

The TRUSTe seal means that the company whose Web site we are visiting takes our privacy seriously. They monitor the compliance of member businesses, provide an arena for us to file privacy violation complaints, and make sure these complaints are heard.

I like this. Not perfect, but something that we can all understand. So check out for the Truste seal before sharing your personal information. It’s better than nothing…..