Virtual Shadows: Your Privacy in the Information Society

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Web 2.0 and social networking sites are challenging traditional notions of privacy and security in cyberspace, while surveillance and tracking in the real world have become endemic. As the gap between virtual and reality becomes increasingly blurred by current and emerging technologies, the way we communicate and interact with one another is changing beyond recognition. “Virtual Shadows” explains the major concepts in this brave new Information Society, and highlights issues of security and safety as key areas where the rules of play have not yet been clearly defined or understood.

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Virtual Shadows: Your Privacy in the Information Society

Recommended read to cure oneself of the online phobia.–The Hindu

In a relaxed, conversational style, Virtual Shadows emphasises the positive role of computers in children’s lives, shows adults how to join in and gives practical advice about guarding against the threats to privacy from the trail we leave behind.
–Terri Dowty, Director of ARCH (Action on Rights for Children)

As an enthusiastic technology advocate, Karen Lawrence Öqvist has generated a unique and compelling view of engagement and privacy in the information age.
–Professor Fred Piper, Information Security Group, Royal Holloway

I found it useful in bringing together things that I do cover in my teaching but often have to look up separately to make sure I have useful pertinent facts. Here a lot is covered within the 200 pages, with plenty of UK and international examples. It is written in a style and manner that make it a useful book for sixth-form students (16 18 year olds) to read by themselves, as well as being one to pick out tit-bits as examples to share in the class at KS3 to KS5 level (11-18 year olds).
–Computers in Classrooms – March 2009

Read insightful review by Professor Keith Martin of the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) in the Information Security Group (ISG) brochure.
Read interview with author by publisher BCS.
Read review of book on David Lancy’s Security blog on

BUY Virtual Shadows: Your Privacy in the Information Society from
BUY Virtual Shadows: Your Privacy in the Information Society from

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