Bringing LEGALITY into digital interactions

#HPDiscover 2014 was amazing! HP Invent is back! I am so excited by what I saw and experienced during this week in Barcelona. I even got the chance to shake hands with Meg Whitman 🙂

Why was I there though? After all I’m not working for HP anymore. Well apart from the fact I still love the company that has got it’s spirit back, excited by their new energy and wave of innovation, I am part of a start-up that is launching applications into the HP Helion cloud.

The ART of Compliance is about bringing legality into digital interactions. It should mirror how business processes work in the real world, legality should be preserved. In fact if you have legality in your digital interactions, then you have more than what is possible in the physical world; as increased transparency and absolute traceability is possible.

Securing XBRL – the next challenge

I just realised that I forgot to let you know that I co-published an article in the last week. My first publication since 2010… looks like I’m in business again…. Having said that, it is not that I haven’t been writing anything.. there’s this blog, and my MBA (that I finished January 2013). Although I must admit my blog activity has been a bit sketchy the last 3 years.

Back to the article. It is about securing XBRL. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It has been declared as the standard for financial reporting in Basel III. However XBRL is the child of XML, and XML is not secure. Hence back to the topic of the article. I will write more, for example I plan to explain what XBRL is, for those of you that are clueless about financial reporting. I was myself until I realised it came from XML, and XML I became intimate with when I was working in Switzerland from Zurich as a consultant coding connectors for Novell’s meta-directory service, often on beta versions, and working from readme.txt files as there were no books in 2000. I didn’t get much sleep during this year, but I sure did have fun!