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Not many of us know each other personally as human beings with a life outside of what we do in the real world. We are connected on LinkedIn and are a sect of professionals. But behind each individual is a private life. In this private life we make decisions about how we live with our ‘right to a private life’ concerning ourself and our family.

I have had 2 children, a son in UK when I was 17 yrs, and a daughter at 46 yrs in Sweden. This is about my son who has no right to a private life. Some of the details are modified in order to protect him and his family.

Funnily enough there is no way to connect me with my son due to the fact that on his passport his name is not the same as mine, or even what he was born. The name on his passport is not his legal name. How this is possible is another interesting story. What this means is that through some fluke my son and I are -from a paper trail- angle, unconnected. This means I can speak openly about his life in China as a father of a half-Chinese child living with his Chinese wife without risk to him or his family. He has lived in China for 20 years.

The situation in China has always been difficult. As a foreigner he is monitored 24/7. There is a threshold over how much money he is allowed to have, and he doesn’t get much. He is used to receiving visits from the Chinese police. He did use ToR, but even that fact that he is using ToR, data cannot be read by the Chinese nannies (police) is suspicious behaviour, and warrants a home visit. He loves his wife but she is under the influence of Chinese propaganda. She does not see a better life for her family outside of China.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine life has become increasingly difficult for my son, and my grandchild because they are not Chinese, or only half Chinese. My grandchild is treated differently at school. My son has occasionally been stopped in the street to ask if he is Russian, when he replied “no”, the reaction is not agreeable.

My son suspects that he is one of a very few European/British/Americans left in the city where he lives. They have all left. What is good news is that finally his wife is coming round, even her close friends are advising that she and her family leave China, for the sake of her family. Although this is also bad, because if Chinese are advising, it’s time to leave…..My son is deeply concerned that they will be segregated and worse. Time is running out.

I have so many stories, shared by my son with me over the years about life in China and how it is changing. So if you are interested, have questions, etc., just add in Comments, and I will write more when I feel in the mood.

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