New to cybersecurity? Don’t feel helpless!

If you are new to #cybersecurity in a EU environment, this relatively concise article might become a good starting reading. Get to know basic documents and standards, main #NIS Directive provisions, industry best practices of responding to breaches.

2 Replies to “New to cybersecurity? Don’t feel helpless!”

  1. Seems you need to logon, and asking for my Title, e.g. Miss, Ms, Mrs, etc., and Other Title… whatever that means…. I hate having to share my martial status, and IMHO should -if not so public data- be a ‘special category of data’ because woman are discriminated purely for the fact they have a Mrs before the name… okay married, not a career woman, or Ms -a feminist, Miss is a prude… whereas for the guy it is Mr or Mr… so you can just call me Karen PERIOD 😉

    Advice on infosec/cyber, it’s the IEC/ISO27001/2 which rules…. the original framework came from UK as BS7799 and the brains sitting behind this is an incredible guy “David Lacey” 🙂

    1. Karen, it seems I can’t totally understand the first part of your comment above…

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