Virtualshadows blog is back!

This blog has got a resurrection. It was closed down in November last year because of non-compliance concerning the amount of cookies that the blog was using (WordPress was a cloud service based in US), and Schrems II ruling and that all cookie consent banners were too expensive, after all this is a private blog, its just there were quite a few visitors each month. I guess if this blog had been about my dog, or anything else, maybe I wouldn’t have bothered with all the GDPR stuff, but even so I am professionally a ‘privacy guy’, so the blog had to go.

So what happened to my blog was something I call ‘GDPR paralysis’, everything comes to a stop, and GDPR is the cause. I remember when my business (Privasee) which I founded in 2015 came into a state of GDPR paralysis in 2017, the privacy purists versus myself as CEO, in that ‘business has to function’. There needs to be a compromise, otherwise Privasee would cease to exist, making money for the business is necessary for survival, and for my business to achieve what it set out to do, i.e. ‘make privacy compliance accessible’.

One could claim that a blog comes under ‘household exemption’, which was how I was thinking, maybe misguided, but you know how we can be, human beings, believing in what is easiest, and anyhow what harm can it do to the ‘rights and freedoms of the natural person’? It’s just all those cookies made it a privacy risk to visitors, and today something popped up in my LinkedIn feed that the Danish Data protection authority have passed a ruling that a so called ‘private website’ was not exempt under Article 2(1). I can’t find the case now.

When reading this blogpost, you should only have 7 cookies downloaded, and they are all session cookies, except one with a life of a single day. The WordPress site is based in the EU, so no international transfers.

Enjoy reading the blog again, and welcome back!

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