Cookie walls are not GDPR compliant

This clarification on the use of consent came out last week, and provides no surprises for those working daily with GDPR compliance. What is noteworthy though is the mention on the use of “cookie walls”.

What is a cookie wall then?

One of the principle factors that one should keep returning to when thinking about compliance with GDPR is a single word CHOICE. Those who have attended any training I’ve delivered will hear my voice in their head now… CHOICE IS A HUMAN RIGHT. Now if there is no choice, then it is not compliant with GDPR, and the use of cookie walls is a good example.

A cookie wall is whereby it is impossible to use a website without accepting ALL cookies. In fact the website will not work unless all cookies are downloaded. There must be a choice. Take a look at UK’s .ICO website for an example, and here you can even find the toolkit to make this possible on your website!