Swedish journalists want breach transparency

There is an interesting court case going on in Sweden whereby the Swedish Press had made a case (5200_18 DI and journalist case_publicity vs privacy (1)) against the Datainspektion (Swedish SA) to publish all breaches submitted by Swedish companies.  This is still in progress. Sweden, as you will know from my blog have a very strong freedom of information culture, so it’s interesting that the Datainspektion seems to be taking a stance against the journalists. It has been really great to see the Swedish SA jumping on the power they now have, and using it.

Although, I don’t completely agree with them on this specific point. I believe all breaches should be made public, but it is fun observing the action!



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  1. It must be Aftonbladet and Expressen “journalists” that complain most. They are afraid not to be able to expose celebs to make more money. Just a guess of course. Haha

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