GDPR gold rush

I have never been so overwhelmed in my whole life. The GDPR gold rush is here.

I wish I could be excited by the fact, after all I have been predicting this since 2015 even? However, I am terrified by significant shortage of expertise on the market, those who really know what it is all about, versus the false gods. So much false news, and so much GDPR theatre, I just want this to stop, step back and, just stop panicking.

In Privasee, we are struggling to meet the demand, the panic. Our approach is to empower our partners with expert knowledge so they can do what is right for their clients. We are lucky to have Nebu as our Swedish consulting partner, learning partner is Cornerstone, we have other partners also in both Portugal and Malta! We want to make GDPR knowledge accessible to all! We call our consulting partners OWLs, because they have reached a level of expertise (we should know as we’ve trained them) to be able to run this race without Privasee, except for our methods (which are rapidly becoming privacy industry best practices).


My dream is to empower our customers with knowledge, so they are NOT dependant upon us.

My dream is to  demystify this GDPR monster, so that it becomes something we know.

And IMHO dreams are still possible 🙂

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