Did you know that privacy is a human right?

Quote from a LinkedIn feed:

Has anyone written a LinkedIn/Medium-post on why GDPR is a waste of billions of euros and will be the equivalent of the “I accept cookies” button on every website or do I need to write it myself?

I responded of course, commuting between places with nothing better to do. A Privasee partner had Shared privately with me, so I felt a duty to respond. But how to response to someone who clearly is quite clueless without getting dragged into a stupid discussion? I decided to start with basics. So my response was:

GDPR enforces the rights of the individual. It is to bring to law something which has been declared as a human right (Human Rights Declaration, Article 12) a right to a private life. This hasn’t answered your question, but maybe has given you a new perspective?

So if you end up getting dragged into these kind of stupid threads, you could be kind enough to remind people that the heart of the GDPR is ‘a right to a private life’. There are still some countries globally which do not have privacy laws, and their citizens do not have this basic right.


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