Why so difficult? Recruitment for SMBs which is GDPR compliant!

I’ve been struggling trying to find a portal whereby applicants applying for jobs with Privasee can upload their cv and it stays there. What I mean is that it is not an email, it cannot be downloaded to any device. Within this portal you should be able to manage a process so that the application can be managed in a way which is compliant with GDPR.

At the moment we have an email group account jobs@privasee.eu in Office365 which is terrible! It is possible to download the cv, and there’s no control over the process. I want a portal, so once an application is uploaded, we can’t download again. I want a technical control which has a date of upload so we can place an end-of-life on each application, along with where we are in the HR recruitment process. I want something professional and easy to use which restricts the risks of human intervention!

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This is not rocket science, and there’s loads of products out there which do this, but we are only 12 employees, and growing rapidly. We need a cloud service. I have talked to a few known HR cloud service providers, but they only deal with companies which have more than 200 employees, they are expensive. There are other cloud services, but they are outside of the EU and have their data stored on servers in the US. I was in a meeting with a headhunter on Friday, and they are having the same problem. The company they are using today is based in the EU, but because they are so small they cannot choose where personal data they collect is stored.

So my question is this, how are all the SMBs out there going to cope with the GDPR in their HR processes? We cannot. I’ve been looking now for almost 3 months and come up with nothing so far.  I am considering finding a partner to start up such a service. Privasee is not 200 employees, but there’s loads of SMBs needing this service. Is there any company out there which can help, or are interested to help us fix this?

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